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Call for Testimonials re: Board Certification

Feb 8

The AOBOG would like to raise awareness of the significance and value of Board Certification. One of the most compelling ways that we can highlight this significance is to share stories of individuals who have achieved tangible benefits from being board certified by AOA. We greatly appreciate you taking the time to share individual successes and benefits of being certified by the AOA. This is your chance to talk about you and the AOBOG, the enhancements and improvements you’ve made to achieve your mission. We will promote these testimonials on our website, social media, and with ACOOG. Please send your responses to the questions below to by February 28th. Thank you!

1. Name (as you want it to appear on the site)
2. Specialty
3. # of years in practice
4. Photo (optional)
5. Why did you choose to pursue AOA Board Certification?
6. How has achieving AOA Board Certification advanced your medical career?
7. What would you tell a new physician about the benefits of AOA Board Certification?

Bulletin Board